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By Jay Kantor, Ph.D. , Ridgewood, NJ, EFTNJ.Com, 201-461-7347
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 about it.  I helped her process it, after the charge was taken away.  That kind of thing is very useful, and that's something that therapists know how to do.

      But our views about how problems actually exist have to really change.  I think we have to think more energetically than cognitively or just simply behaviorally, even though those dimensions are useful in certain respects.

JK: So we've actually found a level of the system that's amenable to really rapid change through an intervention we can actually do.

Fred Gallo: Yes.  So it will change the face of psychotherapy and any kind of behavior change, even in the peak performance areas.  I find it useful in those areas too.

JK: Is this therapy separate from psychotherapy?  Can this be done be lay-people?  Or is it part of psychotherapy, and shortens it by some percentage of time?  How do we look at this?

Fred Gallo: There's a parallel in medical treatment.  We have first aid.  We have things like CPR.  Those are things that people can be trained to do for themselves.  There's over the counter medicines people can use for their headaches or whatever.  I think that there's an aspect of this work that fits into that category.  I think that you can teach people to treat themselves for their traumas whenever they occur, rather than carrying their traumas around.  I think that they can be trained to treat their phobias.  However, certain things get very complicated and that's where you're going to need the therapist.

JK: Complicated meaning deep issues, reversals, very charged issues?

Fred Gallo: Yes, yes.  Those things will part of the expertise of a therapist who's been working with this kind of approach who has credentials and a sense of ethics.  I don't think a psychologist would be better at this than a social worker or a counselor.  Basically, a client would benefit by being given some kind of professional support.

JK: What else would you like to share with people at this time?

Fred Gallo: There's a lot of hope.  There's hope for really resolving psychological problems, and when you resolve psychological problems, you also help people with their physical health.

      We don't have a lot of research on this yet, and that's a bit of a concern to some professionals, I guess rightly so.  We're trying to turn out some research.  We know that this approach works.  We have validation among many clinicians.

      This approach is so different, though, from the way things are ordinarily done that a lot of people are going to look at it as some sort of a New Age, freaky side show.  I don't think it is that.  It has a very professional aspect to it.  It is going to change the field.

JK: To say something that haven't been said yet here, techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) from Gary Craig have been used on cases of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that have never yielded to conventional therapy.

Fred Gallo: Yes, yes.  We find all the time that post traumatic stress disorders are easily treated with these methods.

JK: And almost impossible to treat by methods that have existed up until now.

Fred Gallo: Yes.  That's pretty much the case.

Fred Gallo can be reached at (724) 346-3838 or  The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology can be reached at (619) 861-ACEP (2237).

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