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Fred Gallo, Ph.D., Energy Psychology, An Interview - Page 6
By Jay Kantor, Ph.D. , Ridgewood, NJ, EFTNJ.Com, 201-461-7347
Appearing on EnergyPsychology.US  

her.  She also had some problems in the way she would deal with her employers.  She was a nice, nice person who had some blind spots in her life.

      We talked about it and I got a thumbnail sketch of what was going on.  I checked first of all if she wanted to get over this problem (a check for psychological reversal), and she did.  So, I didn't have to treat reversal.  I asked her to think about the situation that happened with her uncle.  I diagnosed her and I found out that to correct her imbalance, she could tap on her forehead, at the center of her forehead at what we call the third eye point, and then she could tap under an eye, and then the side of her eye, and then under her arm.  These were the points that came out of my diagnosis of her.

      After I took her through the treatment, she said, "Hah.  I can see what's happening, but it doesn't seem to bother me."  Then she continued, "But you know, I'm starting to recall some other things about my uncle," and she goes back to some things in her childhood in relationship to him.  Those issues have some charge associated with them, and so we repeat the treatment procedure.

      Then she became compassionate towards him.  She said, "I guess he really doesn't understand some things.  I guess he really can't help himself."  Then she talked about this experience of his smell -- that there's this smell he has and that every time she would smell this, it would create a disturbing emotion.  So I had her bring the smell to mind and I took her through the treatment process again.

      She came back to me two weeks later, during which time she had encountered her uncle.  She told me, "I saw him, and I saw him interact with other people, and I saw things about him I've never seen before.  He really has a hard time socially and he's kind of bound up, but he's trying very hard to relate to people.  I could only feel compassion.  I'm not saying we're buddy-buddy -- it's not like he's going to be my best friend -- but I really can't feel the negative things I used to feel towards him.

      What happens when this therapy works well -- and it works a lot and works at a very high level -- people move from negative states and they get in touch with the deeper feelings, like compassion, love, understanding, and forgiveness.  I think it really helps people to get in touch with their spiritual natures.

JK: So, where people retain a memory of the event, the disruption and emotional disturbances are treated by the tapping.

Fred Gallo: Right.  The memory doesn't change.  They can still remember exactly what happened, but the emotional memory is gone.  The charge is gone.  It frees the person up to move on.

JK: Are these techniques a substitute for psychotherapy?  Will these replace psychotherapy?

Fred Gallo: Yes and no.  Certain aspects of psychotherapy will be replaced, like I don't think it is necessary any more to have people go through a lot of emoting.  I think going through a lot of emotions can be a problem for people.  It can re-traumatize them.

      Also, if what we mean by psychotherapy is to try to convince a person to think differently about something that's emotionally upsetting, that aspect is going to have to change too, because it's not necessary to do it that way.

      Is there still a need to have a relationship with a therapist?  Yes.  That's not going to change.  A therapist's presence, if they're in a good state of health, resonates in a way that's very helpful.

             The therapist can help the person to look at what has come up in doing these procedures.  For example, when I took the lady through the procedures concerning her uncle, I asked her what she got from it and what she thought

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